Pickleball tournament held at Patriot Place in Foxboro

On June 25th, 2023, Eleven-0 held a three day pickleball tournament at Patriot Place in Foxboro.

Gillette Stadium hosting pickleball tournament

By Allison Shinskey, Sam Knox- 
Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, hosts a three-day Pickleball Classic, welcoming 200+ players. The event includes axe-throwing and features Jodi Cullity’s business, Eleven-0 Premier Pickleball, sparked by her love for the sport. Pickleball’s wide appeal is showcased, with players as young as 86 participating, even in unconventional spaces like kitchens. The free event, guided by pickleball pros, emphasizes the fun and inclusivity of the sport.


Pickleball's popularity pops on area courts

By Emmett Ruote-
Foxboro’s revamped pickleball courts symbolize the sport’s surge, seen in 200+ participants at the Pickleball Classic in Gillette Stadium, reflecting 158.6% growth in three years. Originating in 1965, pickleball mixes badminton, tennis, and ping pong on compact courts. Linda Chilson of Attleboro praises its accessible, social outdoor play; pandemic-driven demand for courts soared. 

Pickleball tournament comes to Patriot Place

On June 23rd 2023, Eleven-0 held a pickleball tournament at Patriot Place. “The competition is fun, we have a lot of laughs, there’s a lot of laughs involved,” Joe Bechtel said.


Patriot Place hosting three-day pickleball tournament

By Matt Reed- 
Patriot Place in Foxborough hosts Gillette’s first Pickleball Classic, drawing players of all levels to transformed courts in Lot 19 for a dynamic three-day event. Jodi Cullity of ELEVEN-0 compares pickleball to a blend of tennis and ping pong, while activities like a beer garden and axe-throwing add to the excitement. The tournament’s energy harmonizes with the surroundings of Route 1, creating a spirited atmosphere.

'Pickleball Needs To Be Here': Inaugural Tournament Hosted At Patriot Place

By David Cifarelli-
Patriot Place embraces the pickleball trend with Jodi Cullity’s ELEVEN-0 driving the inaugural Pickleball Classic. Transformed parking lots feature eight pro courts for social and competitive play, fostering camaraderie and confidence. The event buzzes with a beer garden, live music, and axe-throwing, exemplifying community spirit. Officer Jenna and Liam find pickleball an easy, fun, and inclusive family activity, reflecting the event’s appeal to all ages and backgrounds.


Pickleball tourney coming to Patriot Place

By The Foxboro Reporter Staff-
The weekend of June 21st saw the vibrant Patriot Place Pickleball Classic, powered by ELEVEN-0, transforming Lot 19 into dynamic pickleball courts complemented by food, beverages, and social spaces. This three-day event featured reserved court play, clinics, and an inclusive doubles tournament across mixed, women’s, and men’s categories. ELEVEN-0 marked the outdoor pickleball season by creating professional courts, inviting players and spectators to engage in a spirited atmosphere.

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