Patriot Place Pickleball Classic Participant Highlights

We are thrilled to share the results of the Patriot Place Pickleball Classic! This weekend was filled with exciting matches, incredible talent, and plenty of fun. Here’s a recap of the winners and highlights from each day:

Wednesday, June 19: Ladies’ Clinic

Coach Ryan, Coach Joe, and Coach Ethan led a group of twenty women on dinking drills, strategy play, and how to be aggressive at the kitchen line. The enthusiasm and determination of the participants made this session a fantastic start to the event.

Thursday, June 20: Round Robin

Thursday’s competition kicked off with a 28-person advanced round robin. This group braved the heat and showcased some great competition and volleys throughout the morning.

YMCA Integration Program

As a special collaboration between ELEVENO and Patriot Place, we invited the YMCA Integration Program to join us for pickleball fun and programming. This group competed in our favorite Red Light Greenlight Game as well as our Master of the Dink Game. A big thank you to Tropical Smoothie for cooling off our group with some much-needed fruity smoothies for this session.

Friday: Intro to Pickleball Class

At ELEVENO, we are constantly trying to introduce pickleball to as many people as possible. Coach Juni led our new enthusiasts on the court, creating new pickleball pros in the process.

Pro-Led Clinic

Coach Ryan and Coach Nick led six dedicated players in last-minute training before the weekend tournament. Both coaches, fresh from successful tournaments at the APP in New York City, brought their expertise to these eager learners.

Friday, June 21: 

Social Session #1


    • 1st Place: Carli Rabson & Boston Izzy

    • 2nd Place: Keith Hernandez & Julissa Viana

    • 3rd Place: Sara Shaw & Daniel Cmejla

Social Session

    • 1st Place: Elbert Jordan & Kristyne Coen

    • 2nd Place: Audrey Moroni & Jake Batista

    • 3rd Place: Marina Nysten & Aahana Kanyal

Saturday, June 22: 

Men’s 3.5+

    • 1st Place: Pat Anderson & Ethan Fischer

    • 2nd Place: Charles Turcotte & Ian Gopin

    • 3rd Place: Alec Twigden & Tony Li

Women’s 3.0-3.5

    • 1st Place: Mica Hoang & Lisa Migneault

    • 2nd Place: Mirian Sousa & Jenny Xu

    • 3rd Place: Lu Gendusa & Mai Nguyen

Women’s 3.5+

    • 1st Place: Tina Nguyen & Rebekah Kitto

    • 2nd Place: Pat McDougal & Colleen Durno

    • 3rd Place: Marie-Abele Bind & Caroline Fridmar


Men’s 3.0-3.5

    • 1st Place: Rajiv Gandhi & Parth Shah

    • 2nd Place: Adam Muniz & Nathan Wong

    • 3rd Place: Mark Spitzer & Andy Bow

Sunday, June 23: 

Mixed 3.5+

    • 1st Place: Pat McDougal & Charles Turcotte

    • 2nd Place: Brett Albren & Beth Rowlands

    • 3rd Place: Rebekah Kitto & Aldrin Denny


Mixed 3.0-3.5

    • 1st Place: Ted Riedel & Jeannie Riedel

    • 2nd Place: Nirel Etchart & Marisa Raspa

    • 3rd Place: Jill Dell Ratta & Drew Dell Ratta

Mixed 3.0 and Under

    • 1st Place: Cheryl Arcese & Ed Arcese

    • 2nd Place: Gail Geagan & Sureshraju Dommaraju

    • 3rd Place: Lauren Falkowitz & Sergio Gonzalez

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! Your dedication and sportsmanship made this event a memorable one. We look forward to seeing everyone next year for another fantastic tournament at Patriot Place!

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